Body Waxing

Disposable strip and hot waxes are used for each client. It is our recommendation to use GUINOT Epil Confort to help retard subsequent hair growth (additional cost).


Full leg wax including Basic Bikini from $97
Full leg wax including Extended Bikini from $105

Full leg wax $82
Three-quarter leg wax $67
Half leg wax lower leg $53
Half leg wax upper leg $58

Extended Bikini $50
Basic Bikini $39

Brazilian 1st time from $88
Brazilian Upkeep every 3-4 weeks $69

Underarm Wax $36
Forearm Wax $50

Back Wax from $58
Back of Nape from $30

Lip or Chin $28
Lip and Chin $39
Face Wax from $65
Lip Bleach $35

Please feel free to phone us with any queries.
We’re here to help you make the most of yourself …
and most importantly, to make you feel and look beautiful!

Lia van Tonder | Beauty Therapist Reflexologist