Facial Skin Rejuvenation

Dermapen4 – Microneedling Collagen Induction Therapy

Experience one of the most popular anti-aging treatments in the world and rejuvenate your skin with Dermapen microneedling. The treatment works by stimulating new collagen and skin tissue, resulting in stronger, smoother and younger-looking skin, and improving the look of wrinkles, pigmentation, scars, alopecia, stretch marks and more. Microneedling uses the skin’s natural healing response to light trauma to create new cell growth and total skin rejuvenation, with minimal downtime required. Dermapen is the original and most trusted automated skin-needling device, and the Dermapen4 uses the most advanced technology in microneedling, with less pain and more precision and safety than similar devices.

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$265 for a Full Face (Course of six pre-paid $1430)

$305 for a Full Face & Neck (Course of six pre-paid $1650)

$345 for a Full Face, Neck & Decollété (Course of six pre-paid $1775)

O Cosmedics Pro Dermal Planning Peels


Using medical strength actives, an in-clinic O Cosmedics Pro Dermal Planning Peel works deep in the skin to regain optimum function and increase cell optimisation. Pair your uniquely customised peel with a deep cleanse, exfoliation and beautiful Alginate Rubber Mask and you’re on your way to serious skin results.

If you’re wanting to take a step up from your usual facial, these peels are your secret weapon to achieving your skin goals. The collection of O Cosmedics Pro Dermal Planning Peels treatments have been created to work at six different levels, the more powerful ones working at deeper layers of your skin.

These bespoke treatments work to transform the skin and achieve cell optimisation, using natural fruit extracts together with pure, medical strength actives in biomimetic carriers (which means it imitates the skin – so your skin actually knows what to do with it). The goal is to return skin to its normal function, tackling wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin tone and pigmentation.

Each customised chemical peel includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation and a lush Alginate Rubber Mask. Try a programme, building up your level of peel over time, and you’ll be on your way to serious skin improvement.


Increase the intensity and effectiveness of your facial treatment with our enhancing skin upgrades. Add the price of the upgrade to your facial price.

Diamond Microdermabrasion

Reveal a healthier glowing skin with Diamond Microdermabrasion. The treatment’s gentle suction, in combination with diamond-encrusted tips, polishes away dead skin cells. The suction action whips away those dull cells while stimulating the production of collagen and increasing blood flow to the skin. The procedure is so quick and pleasant it can even be done in your lunch hour.

LED Light Therapy

LED is an intelligent advanced technology using wavelengths to directly rebalance, heal and rejuvenate skin cells. The skin absorbs therapeutic light and uses it as a source of energy to stimulate cellular regeneration, to produce collagen and elastin, kill p.acne bacteria, reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing process.  You will experience a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing during, and after the treatment.

High Frequency

Using an oscillating current, this treatment is antibacterial and oxygenating, making it perfect for clearing breakouts. Also ideal for dry, lacklustre skins needing stimulation.

Ultrasonic Facial Massage

Ultrasound applied to the face and body, stimulates the skin and firms underlying muscles displaying a youthful, firm and plump appearance. Ultrasound is used to maintain a youthful appearance and helps to combat the effects of ageing on the skin.

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Facial Skin Rejuvenation at Bien-être Christchurch

Lia, is one of the best beauty therapist I have used over the past 20 years – very reliable, efficient and highly professional.

I would highly recommend her to any client who is looking for that WOW experience.

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