Reflexology is a science with the principal understanding that there are reflex points on the feet, hands and ears that relate to all organs, glands and parts of the body. By the application of pressure to these reflexes using gentle thumb/finger movements the body’s function may be influenced.

Reflexology has been found to be effective in:

  • Relieving pain
  • Reducing stress and tension
  • Generally restoring the body to a better state of harmony, health and homeostasis

Some primary functions of Reflexology are to:

  • Relieve stress and tension
  • Improve nerve and blood supply function
  • Balance the whole system (homeostasis)
  • Revitalise energy
  • Activate body to cleanse toxins impurities


$159  (75 minutes)
Your feet mirror the general wellbeing of your body. Specialised pressure-point massage to reflex areas in the feet stimulates natural healing and balances the whole body.

Express Reflexology

$125  (45 minutes)

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Reflexology foot massage

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Reflexology at Bien-etre Beauty Therapy Reflexology