Introducing OBSERV® A revolutionary journey beneath the skin’s surface

Welcome to Advanced Skin Analysis, which takes you on a journey beneath your skin – where your true skin health becomes visible.  This provides the keys to tailoring my approach to your skin needs and goals.  It gives unbiased insights and visual proof of our starting point – the skin’s conditions.  All Clinic consultations will include an Advanced Skin Analysis’s utilising the latest skin scanning technology provided by the OBSERV® skin diagnostic device.

Advanced skin analysis, using the OBSERV® skin analysis technology, captures the complexity of skin appearance and health, from the surface layer to below.

Modern day lifestyle choices, coupled with environmental stresses make for a perfect storm to tip skin types suffering from a compromised skin barrier, into a reactive state. OBSERV® skin analysis device scientifically records visuals within a 20 second time frame to provide the platform for me to recognise your skin conditions, and plan to repair, restore and maintain your skin.


I will take you through a thorough Consultation, and based on your visual skin analysis information you will recognise the need for professional skin treatments and a bespoke home care regime which I will be able to help curate for you.

There is a need today to explore another way of looking at your skin in Clinic. You want result-based treatments from a trusted skin professional and the OBSERV® can assist me with that.

The OBSERV® skin scanner was created in The Netherlands by the inventor Walter Arkesteijn at Sylton.