Manicure | Pedicare

LEIGHTON DENNY is the multi award winning range of glamorous nail colour, nail treatment therapies and accessories, which provide aromatherapeutic and prescriptive care for the hands and feet.


Luxury Medi-Manicure

A total nail and hand care treatment, which includes a cuticle treatment, hand exfoliation and massage, nail buff and nail polish application.

Express Manicure

For maintaining your nails – nail shape, cuticle treatment and nail buff to shine, or nail polish applied.

Paraffin Dip with Manicure $22 extra

Luxury Medi-Pedicare

A treat for your feet including a foot soak with exfoliation, cuticle treatment, foot and lower leg massage, dry skin removed, nail buff and nail polish application.

Express Pedicare

Nail shape, cuticle treatment, and nail polish applied


Refreshing foot bath with exfoliation, smoothed heels and foot massage

Callus Peel with Pedicare $39 extra
Paraffin Dip with Pedicare $22 extra

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Manicure and Pedicare Pedicure

Manicure | Pedicare
Bien-être, Christchurch

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